Computer refractometry


Computer refraktokeratometriya - a method of study of refraction (refractive power) of the eye and the shape of the cornea. At the bottom of the patient's eye is projected patient invisible infrared test label. The degree of change depends on the refraction of the eye of the patient. Special computer evaluates and converts these changes. Keratometer - determining the radii of curvature and refractive power of the cornea, the study necessary for the selection of contact lenses and diagnose abnormalities of the cornea. The results are printed on the built-in printer. Results of computer refractometry enough to change the initial evaluation of the patient and further selection of glasses or contact lenses. In most cases, especially in adults, there is no need to expand the pupils since autorefractometer has a function, relieves stress accommodation. However, in children with mobile and strong for accommodation of the exact numbers are important for treatment and observation, must be short-term (up to 6 hours), dilation of the pupils. Our clinic is equipped with modern refraktokeratometrami leading manufacturers CANON, TOMEY, REICHERT, for examination of children we use a special refractometer allows a distance of 1 meter to determine the refraction even in infants.