Full ophthalmic-clinical examination of eyesight at no additional cost: Cost 590 lei


As a rule, vision diagnostics includes studies that are required for each patient (basic package-optometric examination), and studies that are additionally prescribed by a doctor for a fee (the so-called clinical studies).

The basic package is compiled so that the price is attractive, and at the same time give primary data to the doctor about which of the additional studies to appoint to determine the full picture. Additional studies are needed not so much to establish a diagnosis as to choose the right treatment plan, determine its effectiveness, and evaluate future prospects. The cost of additional research may at times exceed the cost of the basic package. In 90 percent of cases, patients remain unexplored.

The Ophthalmological Center Eye Microsurgery is radically changing the approach to eye examination. Now you don’t need to worry that you will need additional expensive research. A complete ophthalmic-clinical examination of vision includes All the necessary studies to get the full picture, which allows you to establish an accurate diagnosis at an early stage and choose a treatment plan, while saving the patient’s money and time.

For the first time in Moldova!

Optical coherence tomography and laser scanning of the fundus are included in the list of compulsory examinations at the first visit to our clinic and free additional examinations at the second visit.

Why? Because your health is important to us !!!

The survey is carried out on modern equipment of expert level from the world's leading manufacturers CANON, ZEISS, OPTOS, TOMEY, REICHERT ...

The cost of a full ophthalmological examination, regardless of the number of studies required and additional, is 520 lei. Special prices are provided for pensioners - 350 lei, and children under 16 years - 360 lei.

Full list of studies:

1. Determination of visual acuity without correction;
2. Determination of visual acuity with correction;
3. Refractometry;
4. Keratometry;
5. Optical biometry;
6. Calculation of the intraocular lens;
7. Optical pachymetry;
8. Topography of the anterior surface of the cornea;
9. Topography of the posterior surface of the cornea;
10. Optical pachymetry (determination of the thickness of the cornea at various points);
11. Inspection by a Goldman lens;
12. Refractometry in cycloplegia;
13. Laser sanitation of the fundus (200 degrees);
14. Optical spectral tomography of the macula;
15. Optical spectral tomography of the optic disc;
16. Optical spectral tomography of the cornea;
17. Optical spectral tomography of the anterior chamber;
18. Definition of corneal hysteresis;
19. Determination of corneal-compensated pressure;
20. Determination of the factor of resistance of the cornea;
21. Pupilometry;
22. Determining the nature of vision;
23. Determination of binocularity of vision;
24. Retinometry;
25. Determination of the strabismus angle;
26. Definition of vision in own glasses;
27. Determining the values ​​of the lenses in their own glasses;
28. Color test;
29. Fluorescence angiography;
30. Angio OST;
31. Autofluorescence of the fundus;
32. Ophthalmoscopy;
33. Biomicroscopy;
34. Consultation with a doctor.